Biodigester Septic Tank Construction

Sydon Cleaning Ltd is a company that concentrates on installation of BIODIGESTER septic tanks sewer system. It achieves this through the application of anaerobic technology, driven by innovations to finding solutions to waste water management that is a key problem in our society today. Sydon Cleaning Ltd has entrenched in her policies and ethics a commitment to providing professional, reliable, efficient and tailor-made solutions to our clients. Started eight years ago, the company has transformed from being a small enterprise to become a market leader in environment friendly ways of handling waste.

Biodigester simply means a tank which digest organic material biologically. A Biodigester Septic tank is an onsite sanitation systems that uses anaerobic technology which refers to the process of treating wastewater without using oxygen.This technology has been successfully used locally and globally in both domestic and commercial buildings. Countries such as Israel, Canada, Europe and Japan have adopted use of this technology for centuries now

Why Sydon Sanitation System?

  • No need for an exhauster since all the waste is biologically digested
  • They are NEMA approved
  • Guarantee of up to 5 years cost effective
  • Highly skilled personnel
  • Few manholes, thus less space required
  • Flexible and affordable Our systems are flexible and pocket friendly
  • No septic tank required.
  • No blockages or smell This will ensure your home has fresh air as well as save you the cost of unblocking
  • Personalized, dedicated and flexible customer services.

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